Northern Branch Regular Tickets Non R.O.C. Citizens

Northern Branch Regular Tickets Non R.O.C. Citizens

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The National Palace Museum is located at Waishuangxi in Taipei, surrounded by hills and greenery. It has over 690,000 pieces in its collection going as far back as the Stone Age and spanning almost 7,000 years.

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[National Palace Museum]

The National Palace Museum has the widest collection of Chinese artefacts, namely Bronze ware, Chinese paintings and calligraphy, pottery, ancient books and records, hand crafts and ancient palace artefacts etc. The most renowned bronze ware are the cauldron of Duke Mao, San’s family plate and the Zhong-Zhou Bell; the 3 most famous paintings or calligraphy of Early Spring by Guo Xi, Travelers Amid Mountains and Streams by Fan Kuan and The Cold Food Observance by Su Shi; and the books on collection includes The Siku Quanshu of the Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature, the Chizao Tang of the annotated catalogue of the Siku Quanshu etc. The hand crafts on collection are the world famed Jade Cabbages, the Meat Shaped Stone, and thousands more, including many Jade, Japan lacquerware, glassware, gold, silver and ancient Chinese paper, ink and pen.

If this is your first attendance, do spend enough time on the most popular collections on exhibition, if time allows, add others to the list, including: “jade pot with coral K'uei-Hsing standing on a jade dragon-fish”, “Lady of Tang Dynasty”, “The Northern Song Dynasty Ru kiln sky blue glazed hollow lotus”, “Ching dynasty blue glaze revolving vase with gold tracery”, “Zun wine vessel in the shape of animal with malachite and turqoise inlay of the mid Warring States Period”, “Bixie auspicious beast, Eastern Han dynasty” and the “Jade Duck”. The collection rotates within the museum every so often and special exhibits are on display year-round depending on the themes assigned. The museum will sure to satisfy your need to discover the mysteries of ancient Chinese culture.

*The ticket is for the admissions to the National Palace Museum, suitable for all attendees, valid for entry for the main building of the Northern Branch of National Palace Museum. The ticket will also be valid on the day of redemption for you to visit the Zhishan Garden free-of-charge.

1. For the visitor notes, please refer to Official Website

2. For the admission price, please refer to Price

3. It is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and other browsers to make appointments.

4. For those who have the Taiwan Museum Pass and FunPass Taipei, you can enter through the designated entrance of the museum.


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1. This ticket is a ready-to-use e-ticket which is valid only on the day of booking. Please bring your e-ticket (QR Code) and scan it at the designated entrance to enter the museum.

2. After successful order, you can check the available e-tickets (QR Code) at Member > "My Order".


1. This ticket is valid only 30 days after purchased. For unused tickets, please apply for a refund on the member order page.

2. The order modification is not provided. If you want to change the number of people or the date of appointment, please return the ticket and make a new one.

3. If you wish to purchase other types of tickets, please follow the official announcement on the National Palace Museum’s website and present the relevant documents at the venue.

4. In case of force majeure factors (including but not limited to typhoon, earthquake, heavy rain and other natural disasters), the organizer may postpone or cancel the event for the safety of the public, and make announcement and contact in advance. The organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the event if any matters remain unresolved.

5. For opening hours and free admission days, please refer to the official announcement on the National Palace Museum’s website, for more information, please refer to National Palace Museum

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3. Tickets will not be replaced or exchanged if they are lost, damaged, burned, torn off or unidentifiable.

Northern Branch Regular Tickets Non R.O.C. Citizens

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