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The National Palace Museum Southern Branch located in Taibao City, Chiayi, is positioned as a museum of Asia art and culture. The architecture was a streamlined shape created on the concept of traditional ink wash painting. It was expected to achieve the goal of balancing South and North and averaging cultural resources. Also, enhance the southern area's cultural, educational, social, and economic development.

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[Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum]
The total area of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch is about 70 hectares, including 20 hectares of museum area and 50 hectares of park. The museum was designed by the architect, Kris Yao. Based on the concept of "thick ink", fei pai(characterized by hollow strokes, as if done with a half-dry brush) " and "rendering" in traditional Chinese ink wash painting, a streamlined shape of virtual and real structure interweaving with each other was created.
Most of the exhibits in the National Palace Museum southern branch are borrowed from the three collections which are calligraphy and paintings, utensils, and documents in the northern branch of the museum to create large-scale thematic exhibitions with both quality and quantity. In 2019, it introduced “The Coordinates of Clay - Ceramics in the National Palace Museum Collection”, “Masterpieces of Renowned Mountains - Special Exhibition of Mount Lushan Painting by Zhang Daqian” and “Exhibition of National Treasures and Cultural Relics (Meat-shaped Stones)” and gained high popularity with these exhibitions.

For more information about visiting National Palace Museum southern branch please refer to the official website.

In order to encourage children to explore the diversity of Asian culture, an area of 340 square meters on the first floor of the museum was planned as the “Children's Creative Center”, which is a learning space for children aged 5-12. There are four thematic interactive exhibition areas and special exhibition areas for Asian culture in the center, including Asian circular theater, ceramics, textiles, tea culture, and Asian theater. It is expected to inspire children to learn through interactive multimedia installations, DIY, game experience, etc., and create the interaction and connection with the exhibition experience of the NPM.

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4.Visitors with Taiwan Museum Pass or Taipei Fun Pass can enter from NPM’s designated entrance.


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